The importance of a good 'musical' score.

Music and films go hand in hand. It's more important than you think.

In our opinion, every great video / film accomplishes its purpose with music.  In film, composers call this a "score."  
Wikipedia explains this better than I could.  Click here for their in-depth article.

Think back to all the greatest scenes in film making history.  If you hit the mute button on your remote, would it have the same affect? I think you'll agree, the answer is a resounding 'NO!'

Adding a musical score to your project used to be quite difficult.  It involved getting in contact with the artist, their publisher or the original writer to grant permission.  Even with the advances in technology (i.e.: email), the chances of reaching the right person to process your request was nearly futile.  If you got a response, it required a string of emails and descriptions of where the song would be used, for what purpose, what scene, the overall message etc.  If you wanted something original, good luck.  Who has a symphony at their disposal, let alone a composer to create the write feel / vibe for the project.

Thankfully, some great innovative minds have come together and created online licensing services; these allow indie filmmakers to purchase the right song for the right scene, in only minutes.  Finding the right song for the right scene, however, might take a little longer!

At FireCanvas, we're lucky to work closely with a talented musician, Ryan McAllister.  Not only has he written hundreds of incredible songs, but also has written, produced and directed scores for us at a fraction of the cost of most writers. You can listen to Ryan's latest album here while you browse.  Enjoy!