Quality, Delivery and Budget

Your video looks like pie, but you can only have 2 of 3 slices.

OK, let me explain.  When we chat with a client for the first time, they usually ask us, 'how much is my video going to cost?'  "Well," I say, "it depends on a few things..."  These "things" are, in no order, based on a) quality, b) time we have to deliver and c) the clients budget.  But here is the catch...rarely do you get all three!!  YIKES.  Let me explain further in three differing scenarios.

Scenario 1:  Minimal budget.  In this scenario, we can deliver with a quick turnaround...YAY and produce it for a minimal cost.  Thats the good news.  The bad news is quality is usually going to suffer. I swear, the old adage "time is money," came from on set.  Nearly every great video, takes time to put together.  Writing scripts, scouting locations, getting suitable talent, finding the perfect song to accompany your scene, re-writing the script, storyboards, wardrobe, makeup...On and on it goes.  Its pretty rare to find a great video for minimal cost.  They are out there...but they're rare and usually based around an exceptional idea.

Scenario 2: Quick turnaround (the client needs it yesterday!!).  We can do that!  likely for a small hit to the pocketbook.  That's the good news.  The bad news is, once again, quality is going to suffer.  There are always exceptions to every rule.  If you're extremely organized, have tonnes of help, a great script and phenomenal actors, then perhaps we can hit it out of the park.  But who really has all this?  Only on TV right?  Extreme Makeover seems to have this one figured out.  If you have any ideas, be sure to let us know!

Scenario 3: Incredible quality!  We're talking Lord of the Rings here!  The client wants extreme quality and they have the funds to make it happen.  We can do that!! That's the good news; the bad?  Its gonna take some time.  How much time?  Depends on how good you want it to look!  Some films take years to make.  One of our most recent films "Reveal'ution" took 6 months to organize, write, film, direct, find talent, license and organize the musical score etc.  Well worth it, but this isn't for everyone, nor suitable for every project.

Of course we haven't covered every scenario here and that's likely impossible.  Every client has differing needs / goals etc.  So regardless of what scenario you fit (or don't fit) into, be sure to contact us and let us drum up some suggestions. 

Our goal is to create something that works perfect for you.  On budget and on time, with the quality you need!  Chat soon!