What kind of gear do we use?

Gear is important.

With all of the rental houses in the lower mainland, you can have the Red Epic and any cinema lenses you choose.  But it comes with a big price tag.

We mainly film our productions on the Canon C100 mark II.  Its cinema grade that films up to 1080p (high definition).  Unless you own a 4K TV, our cameras will use every square pixel of your screen!

But just as important, some would say more importantly, is capturing sound.  Have you ever seen a great video, but the sound is awful?  It nearly makes watching the piece a chore.  Great sound, on the other hand, with shabby video is much more pleasant.  The majority of the old classics, the real old ones, prove my point.  We mainly use RODE microphones for live 'run n gun' filming.  For voiceovers and the more fancy stuff, we head to the studio and tap into the PRO diaphragm microphones.

We have dolly's, which provide a smooth left to right (or front to back) shot and glidecams, which really add that cinematic feel to every take.  Here is a quick glidecam example.

We also use standard tripods and monopods (a straight stick the camera sits on) as well.  Our cameras also shoot at a high frame rate, which allows us to slow the footage down in playback to get that sleek and sexy SLO MO.

We have a wide selection of lenses too.  From wide angle to PRIME lenses and most of them are L series (PRO) lenses by Canon.

Friends are good to have, and we have a few, that are always willing to lend a hand with other gear too.  Drones, jib cranes etc.

Send us a message if you have a project that needs something super fancy and we'll see what we can do to make it happen.